Personal, portable studio on its way!

So, I’ve always wanted to do more portrait work, but it’s hard to solicit people for that when you can only take photos outside. Granted my favorite pictures are always in sunlight, but there will always be a place for indoor, studio background shots.

Next week is my birthday and I’ve been pining over this Loadstone Studios backdrop/lighting set for a couple of months. Today I broke down and ordered it! Happy birthday from my hubby!

This new set includes three 10×10 backgrounds (white, black and green chroma key), the rigging and clips, a muslin protector, two studio lights and two umbrellas (snow white and black/silver reflective.)

I am going to be antsy until it arrives and I can set it all up. Good thing my little house has big rooms!

Now to find willing models…  🙂


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