Bark Bash photo shoot

As a volunteer with Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, I started doing “photo booths” at events. Essentially the presenting organization sets up a tent/hay/cornstalks, etc. and I take the pictures. I donate all my time and I email the photos (so there’s no overhead) and the organization gets all the donations.

This weekend I did just such a photo booth at the Louie’s, ABC’s of Bullies and Cincinnati Pit Crew’s Bark Bash in West Chester, Ohio. It was a BRISK day and I was fighting a pretty bad cold, but I’d still say it was a success.

I’m not sure how much money I helped raise, but I had about 20 to 25 groups who took part in the photo booth fun. It was a ton of fun and I got to meet a bunch of great pooches.

I emailed the photos out this morning, but I also put some on Facebook. The album is public, so you should be able to see it. Check it out here:


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