Mummies and witches and pumpkins, Oh my!

So I’m usually a big fan of Halloween. It’s actually kind of funny because I hate scary movies, I don’t visit haunted attractions and I don’t get trick-or-treaters at my house…

Anyway, I was sick over the weekend and the weather Hurricane Sandy brought to Ohio has been dismal, so I haven’t had any projects to get in the spirit. Last night my husband convinced me that I should at least bake a little something for the holiday. We had the stuff to make sugar cookies and a batch of icing, so….

Of COURSE that led to a full-blown trip to the store to buy Halloween Funfetti Cupcake mix, stuff for another batch of icing, candy eyes, fudgestripe cookies and kisses for witch hats, etc.

Three hours later my table was covered in orange, brown, white and black icing, but I’m glad I took the plunge. These treats are pretty darn cute and it definitely made my Halloween a little better!

Check out the photos:

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