Excited to be part of Help Portrait in Cincinnati

I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Sometimes I log on and am just bombarded with information about people’s lunch, their frustrations and pictures of their workplace. But SOMETIMES something really cool comes up.

A couple weeks ago, I happened to see a post about someone taking part in Help Portrait in Chicago. It got my mind churning – what is Help Portrait? I have the equipment, can I participate? How does it work? Do they have one in Cincinnati?

Now I know there are actually two groups of people in Cincinnati doing Help Portrait events and, yes, I can help!

I’ll be volunteering my photography services at Help Portrait at Higher Branches in OTR from 2pm to 5pm Sunday, Dec. 9.

During this day, we’ll be providing 8×10 prints to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to have a portrait of themselves, their kids, their family, etc. I think it’s extremely important to remind people that they are beautiful and should have a reminder of that, even if they can’t afford it. We’ll also be doing hair and makeup to help everyone look their best. 😀

SO! If you know someone in Cincinnati who would fit the bill for this special project, send them our way! Feel free to contact me (visit the contact page) if you need more information. Thanks!

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