Emily/Brandon Wedding

So things have been a bit crazy in the world of Kellie, but we’re back! In fact, we’re back and ready to talk about WEDDING PHOTOS! I’d first just like to say thank you to Emily and Brandon for entrusting me with the all-important task of taking photos at their wedding. It was a beautiful location full of beautiful people. I had a wonderful time and am psyched about going through the MASS of photos and editing the best of the lot.

Here are a couple I’ve gotten to already:


Schroeder Dog Pics!

So my sister and brother-in-law came over last night and, since we had some time to kill, we busted out the portable studio and had a puppy photo shoot! It was pretty darn fun, but also a learning experience. Her youngest pup is a beautiful golden color, but he looks terrible on a red background! And always make sure mom has a treat!

Check out the pics on my Facebook page and let me know what you think! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.441860232550749.1073741826.382926461777460&type=1&l=c0cc649e23.

Trip to DC!

I was lucky enough to go to Arlington, VA with a coworker for an awesome PBS training. While we were there, we made sure to take the Metro over to DC for all the standard DC tourist things. I’ve been to the capital a few times, but the gal I went with hadn’t been in 30 years.

Since I just took a kit lens with me to save on luggage, etc., on the train, I had a little trouble in the dark. Lots of ‘deep breath and hold it’ photos!

Check out a small gallery of pics on my Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.435125856557520.1073741825.382926461777460&type=1&l=c7f4531eec.


Goodbye Holidays, Hello 2013!

As always, the holidays were crazy for me. Baking, new PR freelance gig, photography for Help Portrait and clients – busy, busy, busy!

Now that the holidays are officially over, I’m actually looking forward to a normal schedule and spending more time on photography. I also am excited to use my three new backgrounds: A grey tie-dye muslin, a scarlet/velveteen and a purple/velvet canvas. Now for models to practice with…

Anyway, 2013 is a wonderful time to document your family with portraits, to treat yourself to a glamour photography session, for a new couple’s shot… The possibilities are endless! Email me via the contact page for more information!

And check out my work from Help Portrait here: http://www.facebook.com/KellieWorksPhotography?ref=hl#!/media/set/?set=a.399584536778319.87788.382926461777460&type=1.

Excited to be part of Help Portrait in Cincinnati

I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Sometimes I log on and am just bombarded with information about people’s lunch, their frustrations and pictures of their workplace. But SOMETIMES something really cool comes up.

A couple weeks ago, I happened to see a post about someone taking part in Help Portrait in Chicago. It got my mind churning – what is Help Portrait? I have the equipment, can I participate? How does it work? Do they have one in Cincinnati?

Now I know there are actually two groups of people in Cincinnati doing Help Portrait events and, yes, I can help!

I’ll be volunteering my photography services at Help Portrait at Higher Branches in OTR from 2pm to 5pm Sunday, Dec. 9.

During this day, we’ll be providing 8×10 prints to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to have a portrait of themselves, their kids, their family, etc. I think it’s extremely important to remind people that they are beautiful and should have a reminder of that, even if they can’t afford it. We’ll also be doing hair and makeup to help everyone look their best. 😀

SO! If you know someone in Cincinnati who would fit the bill for this special project, send them our way! Feel free to contact me (visit the contact page) if you need more information. Thanks!

Maternity shoot wrap-up

My first maternity shoot was Tuesday and I think it went quite well. I met with Jaclyn, who is 37 weeks pregnant, at her house, set-up the portable studio and headed outside for the last of the sunlight.

We started with just a few photos of her. Not all of them are “maternity shots” – including my favorite of the bunch, which is just a headshot of her. We tried blowing bubbles, playing with her young son, family shots, all sort of poses, etc. It was a really fun, learning experience for me. I’m sending her the CD of edited photos today!

I just want to thank Jaclyn, her husband and her little boy for taking the time to be my muses for the day. Thanks guys!

Here are a few of the photos I uploaded to Facebook. I hate how Facebook makes BW photos so grainy! Link: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100118128566710.2243344.50900860&type=1&l=d656a2dc54.

Also, I just created a KellieWorks Facebook page and would like you to “like” it for me. That’s where I’ll be sharing a majority of my work from here on out. I’ll still be posting links to this site, but they’ll be on Facebook first! Thanks! www.facebook.com/kellieworksphotography

Fun shoot tonight – maternity meets glamour and family

So I have a pretty fun shoot lined up for tonight – my first maternity shoot plus a little ‘up close’ glamour and shots with her husband and little one! I’m pretty excited!

Even though I’ve never done a shoot quite like this before, Jackie is a friend from high school and she’ll be a great test subject. We’re going to try some outdoor pictures (if the light and weather hold) as well as a few with the studio kit.

I’ll put a few photos up tomorrow. Any suggestions for tonight? I think I’ll be spending some time on Pinterest today… 😀